Our Mission Statement


It is our mission  to assist our guests to discover wellness through awareness of being. Our goal is to improve physical health by health education and nurturing the mind and spirit.  Click on the lotus flower for our spiritual services and the caduceus for our medical services.


Prayer and meditation are like our alphabet and multiplication tables. We learn the basics of reading, writing and mathematics in order to communicate with one another and navigate our world effectively and efficiently.

The sense of knowing is an additional sense that extends beyond the physical manifestations of life. Consistent and dedicated practice of prayer and meditation will sharpen this sense.  Our sense of knowing is as real as vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. It gives us a greater awareness. Not only can we effectively navigate our physical world but we have the ability to navigate our world beyond what is physically apparent. Opening the pathway of communication beyond our known/physical world brings greater awareness. Greater awareness brings knowledge, wisdom and security.

The sense of knowing is available to us because of the Love of God. Our Creator has a desire to be in relationship with us. The Source of Life awaits our approach through such mediums as prayer and meditation.